Belarus Urges ‘Truce’ as Putin’s Closest Ally Calls for War to End

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has called for a “truce” in the full-scale invasion launched by his Russian counterpart against Ukraine last February.

Lukashenko urged that Ukraine and Russia begin talks “without preconditions.”

“We must stop now before an escalation begins. I’ll take the risk of suggesting an end of hostilities…a declaration of a truce,” Lukashenko said during an address to the nation on Friday.

While Belarus, a loyal Kremlin ally, hasn’t directly joined the Ukraine conflict, Russian troops have been allowed to do exercises on Belarusian territory since before the beginning of the war. The country was used by Russia to launch its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

Last month, Lukashenko invited Putin and U.S. President Joe Biden to attend a summit in Minsk to “stop the war” in Ukraine and to prevent “further loss of life.”

“All territorial, reconstruction, security and other issues can and should be settled at the negotiation table, without preconditions,” Lukashenko said on Friday.


    • These goals are never stated of course. That way it gives Putler a way out if the war goes tits up for russia.

      • Ukraine has been backed into a corner by a savage dictator and only half-hearted support from its friends.
        The only way out for Ukraine is the Zel plan.

        RuZZia has multiple options:
        Give putler to The Hague, pay up in full and withdraw forever.
        Do something really devilish like deploy nukes.
        Or wage forever war.
        But the result is in the hands of the US and its top allies: give Ukraine what she needs to win NOW, or wait for further mass murder of innocents and even a possible putler jackboot-licker US president.

      • I’m afraid they have been:
        No Nato, no EU and relinquish all the territory claimed in Donbas, Krym and the south.
        Totally unacceptable of course.

  1. I would say the Kremlin are now in panic mode. They realise the shit is about to hit the fan, and they will have no answer to it. As for holding negotiations in Minsk, those days are long gone. Putler’s surrender should be done at Maidan, with the world’s press in attendance. Then Ukraine can switch their attention to you.

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