“A little more, and agree”: Girkin reacted emotionally to Lukashenka’s message

Veronika Prokhorenko22:59, 03/31/23

The Russian terrorist said that the leader of Belarus is already in a “light panic.”

Russian terrorist Igor Girkin (Strelkov) emotionally reacted to today’s annual message of the leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to the nation and parliament, saying that it is completely “inadequate”.

In his Telegram, Girkin criticized Lukashenko for calling for a “truce without conditions” and said that soon his rhetoric could turn to the wording: “No peace, no war, but disband the army!” 

He ridiculed the joint attempts of Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Lukashenko o the Ukrainian front, noting that the latter is already in a “light panic.” 

“I have no doubt that this narcissistic oaf is now in a “light (light?) panic” – after all, even his chicken brains are enough to realize the full depth of the military and economic crisis covering the Russian Federation and Belarus along with it,” the terrorist wrote. 

He also referred to his military sources, who claim that the affairs of the occupiers on the Russian-Ukrainian front are very bad.

In this context, Girkin noted that Putin and Lukashenko live in their own invented world, where they have: “Everything is so good that it will be even better.”

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  1. Ok I’m taking bets. Over/under. When will Girkin jump off a balcony? 60 days. Over or under?

    • I think this guy is immune to such mafia measures, sir Cap. He must have HUGE kompromat on someone very high up in mafia hierarchy.

  2. The mustached potato tyrant has been in panic mode for quite some time. The first time when he had to rely on shorty to help him out after the last stolen election and seeing increased loss of control after that. Then, as he had to give ass for the full-scale invasion, then, as he watched the cockroach army getting decimated, then, as partisan activities increased in Belarus, and as he was being pressured to join active fighting, then, as it became clear even to him that mafia land can never win this war.
    Loony has no opportunity to exit his current life of uninterrupted dismay and dread.

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