Ukraine’s counteroffensive to be launched without new warplanes – Reznikov


For the counteroffensive, the Armed Forces will use the weapons that are already available, not awaiting the delivery of combat aircraft from foreign partners.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov stated this during a briefing at the Odesa Media Center, Ukrinform reports.

“For any counteroffensive, of course, dominance in the air is important, but we will be using the weapons we already have at the moment. These are weapons left over from Soviet times and those already provided and being provided by partners. These are not only tanks, but also armored vehicles of various types, on which our crews is currently training in Europe,” said Reznikov.

The minister that for Ukraine, combat aircraft are, first of all, a missing effective element of the country’s air defense capability.

“It’s a matter of time before we receive a modern fourth-generation combat aircraft, I have no doubt about that,” the defense minister emphasized.

According to Reznikov, in addition to the time for the partners to make a decision on the transfer of fighter jets, it will also take time to train pilots and engineers who will service the equipment.

“Therefore, I believe that the acquisition of combat aircraft and the option of our nearest counteroffensive will be separated in time,” Oleksii Reznikov concluded.

As reported earlier, the Ministry of Defense officially confirmed that British Challenger 2 tanks had arrived in Ukraine.


  1. Sad!
    This is the story of the combined West; too late, too few, or nothing at all. This is how Ukraine was left to fight for its survival against a military giant. And this in Europe.
    This war has not been a moment of glory for us. We have learned virtually nothing about how to stop a murderer dictator early on, and we haven’t even used our knowledge gained back then, in WWII, how to stop him once his murder machinery is fully at work. Now is the time to destroy this monster, but we still have too much fear governing our governments. I am ashamed for the US, UK, Germany, France and everyone else who’s been too reluctant and too hesitant with weapon and ammo deliveries.

    • You are right Sir OFP, we didn’t learn from history. Several things have played out about how it did in WW2. U.S. was neutral, and groups were trying their best to not have U.S. involved. Then came bending rules by such actions as flying planes to Canadian border and having them towed across. Took a while to fully gear up to produce what allies needed also as well as formulating lend/lease. Initially provisions had to be transferred to receivers vessels with the thought of what happened to the Lusitania in mind.
      Excerpt from
      “In the early 1930s, the US adopted an isolationist foreign policy in which the country remained uninvolved in the affairs of other countries. This policy was further supported as the world launched into the Great Depression. The Neutrality Acts of the late 1930s, however, redefined this policy. The first of these acts, passed in 1935, banned the trading of war goods. It was extended in 1937 to include a “cash and carry” clause, in which nations at war could purchase non-war goods from US ships, transfer them to their own ships, and transport them back to their own countries. This specifically assisted Britain and France as they attempted to halt Germany in its attempts to conquer Europe. In 1939, the clause was renewed to allow all goods to be purchased from US ships. Finally, in 1941, the US passed the Lend-Lease Act, pledging assistance to the Allies in the form of goods and arms.

      Upon entering the war in December of 1941, the US mobilized troops for deployment to Europe and Asia. In Europe, the US joined the Allies to halt German progress and take back conquered land. Although Germany was initially successful in their campaign across Europe, the D-Day invasion in 1944 turned the tide in favor of the Allies.”

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