Finland 31st NATO member after blessing from Turkey

ANKARA – Turkey has become the last NATO country to approve Finland’s membership. The ratification was a formality after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave his approval for the accession. The Turkish opposition in parliament also expressed its support.

This makes Helsinki, apart from a few technical formalities, the 31st member of the alliance. 29 NATO countries had agreed much earlier. Hungary also came across the bridge on Monday. Everyone is now on board with Turkey.

Initially, Finland had hoped to join NATO along with neighboring Sweden. But both Hungary and Turkey refuse to support Swedish membership for now. Stockholm itself is still hoping to join before a major NATO summit in Vilnius starts in July.

Finland, like Sweden, has long prided itself on not being affiliated with any military alliance. But the Russian invasion of Ukraine changed that. Finland shares a border of 1300 kilometers with Russia. NATO membership means that Finland will receive support from the other members should Russia dare to invade the country.



  1. Another “victory” of Vlad’s to contain NATO. This will go down in the Kremlin like bitrex.

  2. Putler the master tactician, quadruples the NATO borders with russia in 12 months. Fucking genius.

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