Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel a Year Later. Life After Occupation. Interviews with Citizens. UNITED24 media

For many residents of the Kyiv region, the past year has become the scariest time of their entire lives. Things that were impossible to imagine in the 21st century became a reality. The liberation of the Kyiv region became the first victory for the Ukrainian army, and served as an indicator for many that Ukraine would end this war in victory.


  1. All the appeasers, and Putler apologists should be made to watch this video repeatedly until some sense is knocked into their brains.

    • In 1930’s Britain was a fanatical fan of Hitler named Oswald Moseley.
      Mosley liked to ponce about with a faux swastika; his fanatical followers wore black shirts and got very excited at his rallies, which became violent and increasingly extreme especially when his language and rhetoric became more aggressive. Remind you of anyone?
      Eventually the authorities locked him up, where he stayed until the end of the war.
      After the war, his son Max became a successful lawyer who worked for another nazi; Bernie Ecclestone, who owned Formula One.
      Mosley liked to throw parties with whores dressed in SS uniforms.
      Later Ecclestone declared that he would “take a bullet” for putler.
      Unfortunately the little nazi scrote is still alive. And so is putler.
      The point being that any politician, public figure or media figure that provides a helping hand to a genocidal bastard should also be locked up. Preferably for 20 years.

  2. At the beginning of the video is none other than Andriy; AKA operator Starsky.
    Horrendous video to watch; especially the description of the poor mother with three kids on her car murdered by RuZZian filth.
    The presenter was right when she said “the Devil walks our land.”
    It is still unbelievable even now that this horror was allowed to happen.

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