Where modern Russia started

From the LinkedIn page of Volodymyr Kukharenko

Mar 28

See this tiny dark green area on the map? That’s where modern Russia started. But back then it was called “Moscow ulus of the Golden Horde” or just Moscovia. What you see on the map now is the result of conquests and genocides, with nations eliminated or dissolved. The closer to Moskow, the less ethnical identity remained.

Even now, Russia is in fact a colonial empire consisting of rich Moskovia and poor colonies they rob. It’s not like US or Germany where all states or lands have their autonomy and economics. In Russia, they bring everything to Moskow, and then Moskow may allocate some resources to regions if they wish. All the resources they have (oil, gas, diamonds, timber etc.) come from the lands of ethnic minorities they subdued. Those regions are still poor, and if you go there, you may see post-apocalyptic settings, as if the remaining humans survived the collapse of civilization.

Apart from resources, they are using people from those regions as cannon fodder. E.g. in Buraytia and Dagestan it is so hard to find any job that joining the army seems to be the only way out for the young men there. That’s why most of the coffins are now coming to provinces, while in Moskow and Saints-Petersburg life is almost like normal, much fewer people are coming to war from there. This is their way: use other nations to fight for them. Ukrainians were among such tools in the past too, we want it no more, better to fight for ourselves as free people than fight for Russians as slaves.

Most of the people inside of Russia will only benefit if it collapsed and still imprisoned nations get free again. All but Moskovia which will turn into a puny formation again, back to its roots.

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  1. The shithole will shrink again to about its original size. It’s inevitable. It’s only a matter of time. It’s unstoppable. That will be the runt’s greatest achievement.

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