The SBU exposed the Odesa plant as working for Russian “defense” (photo)

The unique Ukrainian plant, located in Odesa, cooperated with the aggressor country and supplied products in the interests of the enemy’s “defense”.

Reported by  Promyslovy portal  with reference to the SBU press service .

“The company sold highly purified inert gas and equipment for its processing to the enemy, which are used in Russia’s military-industrial complex. In particular, these gases are necessary in the manufacture of laser sights for enemy tanks and high-precision types of weapons,” the department said.

Photo: SBU press service

It is noted that the uniqueness of the enterprise lies in the ability to bring the purification of inert gases to more than 90%. In Russia, factories provide only 60% purification. Therefore, in order to maintain control over it, the actual owners from the Russian Federation formally resold its assets to a Cypriot firm and hired Ukrainian management for management.

Photo: SBU press service

In March of last year, in order to export raw materials to customers without obstacles, the Russian beneficiaries registered an affiliated commercial structure in the Middle East. She purchased goods from representatives of the Odesa enterprise and shipped them to Russia.

The plant was searched by employees of the Security Service of Ukraine, in the office premises and premises of the persons involved, law enforcement officers found documents with evidence of illegal activity.



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