Partisans help Armed Forces of Ukraine to attack three control points and storages of Russia – National Resistance Center

 29 MARCH 2023

The Ukrainian underground helped the Armed Forces of Ukraine to detect and strike the Russian control points and ammunition storage points.

Source: press service of the National Resistance Center Sprotyv

Details: The National Resistance Center reports that this week, the partisans helped the Ukrainian forces to detect and adjust fire on the Russian control points and storage points.

The center states that the Russians cannot fully control the occupied territories despite cutting the access to mobile Internet, raiding and deporting people: “Thanks to the Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories, the occupiers cannot hide; they are constantly exposed and under attack.”

The National Resistance Center calls upon Ukrainians to continue providing the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine with locationіs of the occupiers or other useful information.

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  1. Indeed, the Ukrainian partisan movement is strong and effective. There is no hiding for the orcs with the resistance working tirelessly day and night, with drones, and with satellites observing them closely.

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