“Absorbs reserves”: the expert assessed the impact of the losses of the invaders on their capabilities in the war

Oleg Davygora20:21, 03/29/23

Kovalenko noted that the compensatory resource of the invaders per month already exceeds 50,000 people.

Military-political observer Alexander Kovalenko noted how significant the losses of the Russian occupiers are in the general context of the war.

“First of all, I note that the real losses of the ROV are much greater, because we must understand that there are sanitary irretrievable (killed) and returnable (wounded) losses, as well as prisoners. But in addition to losses, there are other points that require replenishment – compensation for l / s in the database zone and they are rarely talked about. For example, when a unit loses its combat capability, it needs to be withdrawn to restore it. And to replace it with another unit. Rotation – similarly, replacement units are needed. That is, compensation for non-direct losses, but requiring a resource,” Kovalenko wrote .

He noted that in general, the compensatory resource of the ROV per month already exceeds 50 thousand people. That is, the dead, wounded, prisoners, for the restoration of combat capability and rotational needs require more than 50 thousand every month.

“According to the information available from the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, the mobilization potential of the ROV is 20 thousand bodies per month. That is, the mobilization potential of the ROV sags 2.5 times a month. This, in turn, absorbs the available reserves, and irrevocably. Thus, with such dynamics the growth of losses and the constant dynamics of mobilization processes, the compensatory functionality of the ROV will exhaust itself in May. This will lead to the fact that it will be impossible for the ROV units to be fully staffed in terms of personnel, not to mention the technical component,” the expert said.

Kovalenko believes that if another mobilization is not deployed in Russia by that time, in the future, units that have lost their combat capability, immediately at the formation stage, will not be able not only to conduct offensive operations, but even defensive ones.

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