Video Shows Ukrainian Drone Fly Into Russian Vehicle Carrying Troops


A Ukrainian soldier flies a drone near the city of Bakhmut on March 5, 2023. The Ukrainian military on Monday released video footage showing a drone strike into a Russian vehicle carrying soldiers.ARIS MESSINIS/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

The Ukrainian military on Monday released new video footage showing one of its drones striking a Russian vehicle covered with soldiers as Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s invasion continues.

The Security Service of Ukraine posted video to Telegram showing an FPV drone, operated by members of the “White Wolves” group, fly into an armored personnel carrier on the battlefield.

Ukrainian and Russian forces continue to fight for control of key areas in the Donetsk Oblast—one of the regions that comprise the Donbas, the separatist area Putin claimed to seek the liberation of through his widely condemned invasion that began on February 24, 2022.

The video, set to AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell,” is taken from the drone’s perspective. It appears to depict the drone flying into a vehicle carrying at least three Russian soldiers driving through a Ukrainian village.

“SBU special forces sent the APC crew and armored infantry to hell ‘on the march,'” the Telegram post reads. “Warriors from the ‘White Wolves’ group worked on the occupiers with an FPV drone. And another Russian BMP was destroyed by a kamikaze drone near the enemy positions by the special forces of the CSO ‘A’ from another unit.”

More information about the specific combat, including when the video was taken and where the troops were at the time of the strike, remained unknown Monday afternoon.

The video was posted to Twitter by Rob Lee, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, who wrote: “Videos of Ukrainian SBU Alpha FPV loitering munition strikes on a Russian BTR and BMP and a compilation of strikes on Russian equipment (some was previously posted). They claim to have destroyed a Borisoglebsk-2 R-934BMV EW vehicle.”

The video, which circulated across social media Monday afternoon, was viewed more than 18,000 times.

It reflects is the latest released by Ukraine showing troops from the special unit “White Wolves” on the battlefield. Last week, the Security Service of Ukraine released video showing what it said was soldiers destroying multiple Russian targets and equipment.

Ukrainian military leaders wrote: “14 tanks, 4 BMP [ a Russian amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicle], 2 dugouts with enemy infantry, 1 special machine for de-mining and 1 warehouse with ammunition. Glory to Ukraine.”

Newsweek reached out to the Russian Ministry of Defense via email for comment.


  1. Despite great work like this, the defenders have a gargantuan task. There are now twice as many invader vermin polluting and poisoning Ukrainian land since last year.
    Orcs must be destroyed in industrial quantities each and every day, in order for Ukraine’s nightmare to end.

    • For that AFU still needs a surge of modern birds, LRMs, 5 times more armor, and cluster munitions. I agree that the minus of orcs needs to be up to 2-3k per day and make things so unbearably untenable for them and force the end of them being on sovereign Ukrainian soil.

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