The heartbreaking story of Olga from Mariupol

From wiki:

Trio Mandili (მანდილი, “woman’s headscarf”) is a Georgian musical group which currently consists of Tatuli Mgeladze (თათული მგელაძე), Tako Tsiklauri (თაკო წიკლაური), and Mariam Kurasbediani (მარიამ ქურასბედიანი).

They perform polyphonic singing accompanied by a panduri, a traditional Georgian string instrument. They became popular in Georgia when they uploaded a music video in which they perform a Georgian folk song, “Apareka“. This video, posted online, gathered over seven million views.


The girls love Ukraine, sometimes sing in Ukrainian and formed a charity to help Ukraine: Mandili Cares.

Here they are two years ago; wearing vishivankas and performing a Ukrainian classic : Pidmanula:

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  1. These fabulous girls are angels. Despite all the problems in Georgia, they devoted themselves to helping Ukraine.

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