Russia’s resolution on Nord Stream failed miserably in the UN Security Council: only three “for”

Anastasia Pechenyuk 09:24, 03/ UNIAN

Russia was supported only by China and Brazil.

The resolution of the Russian Federation on Nord Streams failed miserably at the UN / photo
The resolution of the Russian Federation on Nord Streams failed miserably at the UN / photo

The resolution calling for an international investigation into the sabotage of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines, which was put forward by Russia, did not receive support in the UN Security Council. The three countries are already conducting their own investigations into the incidents.

According to Voice of America , the Russian draft resolution received only three “yes” votes – from itself, China and Brazil. The remaining 12 members of the Security Council abstained from voting. Nine votes and no veto from any of the members were necessary to maintain the resolution. 

In the proposed resolution, Russia demanded that UN Secretary General António Guterres set up an international independent commission to investigate all aspects, including the identification of “perpetrators, sponsors, organizers and accomplices” in the gas pipeline explosions. 

Several members of the UN Security Council said that an additional investigation would not be useful and called for waiting for the results of national investigations. Others have suggested setting a deadline for the completion of national investigations, stating that they should not be open-ended.

Several Western countries have spoken critically about Russia’s position. In particular, the British representative recalled the Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure.

“Russia’s apparent concern about civilian infrastructure is hard to take seriously in the context of its relentless attack on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure over the past year. This cynical aggression must be stopped,” British Deputy Ambassador James Karyuki said. 

The US ambassador, in turn, said that Moscow is seeking to discredit ongoing internal investigations into the explosion.

“Russia blamed the United States for these attacks. From these comments, it was very clear that Russia was not interested in an impartial investigation. It had already been decided who was to blame. Russia was just playing politics,” US Representative Robert Wood told RB members. 

Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN Serhiy Kislitsa drew attention to who was the co-author of the document proposed by Russia.

“Not only Russia’s intentions should be noted, but also the circle of co-authors: Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, Nicaragua, Syria, Venezuela. As one member of the Security Council said, “a requiem for logic,” the diplomat said. 

Explosions at Nord Stream – what you need to know 

In September 2022, three of the four strands of the Russian Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines were damaged  in a mysterious explosion . At that time, both gas pipelines did not work – the first was stopped by the Russian Federation, the second was not allowed to be put into operation against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine.

Damage occurred off the coast of Sweden and Denmark. Authorities in Denmark, Sweden and Germany are investigating the incident. It has already been established that the damage occurred as a result of “gross sabotage” and “powerful explosions.”

Earlier this month, the New York Times, citing a source, said that a Ukrainian group could be behind the attack . Then German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that it could be a “false flag” operation.


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