McDonald’s restaurants opened in Odessa: traffic jams, limited assortment and safety issues  

Five Odessa restaurants of the world’s largest chain McDonald`s opened this morning, more than a year after the shutdown.

Thus, from today in Ukraine, “poppies” function in three places – the capital, the western regions and our city.

The company expected increased demand for its products in the first days after the opening, but bad weather – strong wind and rain – affected attendance. There is no hype in any of the restaurants visited by Dumskaya correspondents.

However, this is only inside – the McDrives, on the contrary, have accumulated real traffic jams, and this greatly interferes with traffic in the area of ​​Privokzalnaya and at the 5th station of the Bolshoi Fountain.

According to McDonald’s managers, the company paid attention to safety – in the event of an air raid warning, restaurant teams quickly complete all processes and close establishments so that everyone can go to the shelter.

Currently, establishments operate with a limited menu, but this will not always be the case.

“We plan to expand the range. Now we offer hamburgers, cheeseburgers, double cheeseburgers, big tasty, big mac, french fries, mac chicken and some other positions,” Irina, the administrator of one of the restaurants, told us.

Recall that the first McDonald’s in Ukraine was opened on May 24, 1997, the establishments worked without stops and closures until the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022.

Author — Sergey Smolentsev


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