He Might Fly Out of a Window: FSB Ordered To Take Action against Prigozhin

The Russian producer spoke insultingly about the head of the Kremlin and his entourage.


The FSB leadership instructed subordinates to “take action” after an audio recording of a conversation between Russian producer Iosif Prigozhin and billionaire Farhad Akhmedov appeared on the Internet, Important Stories writes, citing a source in the special services.

“The recording of the conversation between Prigozhin and Akhmedov is genuine, the FSB leadership recently held a meeting and instructed subordinates to take action,” the source said.

This refers to a recording of a telephone conversation intercepted 1.5-2.5 months ago, during which people with the voices of Prigozhin and Akhmedov discuss the war in Ukraine, the fate of Russia and the relationship of officials from the entourage of Russian President Vladimir Putin for half an hour.

In particular, a man with a voice similar to Prigozhin told Akhmedov that head of Rosneft Igor Sechin, head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov, and head of the National Guard Viktor Zolotov had teamed up to “demolish” Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. “Because someone needs to be blamed (for the military defeats — edit.),” the man with the voice of Prigozhin explained.

He also called Putin’s entourage “damned creatures” and “criminals” who behave “act as if they were some gods”. “We don’t have any options… Even if Putin goes ***ing insane [goes to extreme measures] and presses the “button”… the nation has no future in this scenario. Don’t even doubt, that they *** up and [lost] the country,” he said.

A man with the voice of Akhmedov predicted the establishment of fascism and a military dictatorship in Russia. “He buried the entire Russian people … and for a long time. When will we get rid of this? <…> How much does this war cost every day? So much blood has been spilled… Brother against brother… For what? We lived wonderfully. We have undeveloped lands all over Russia, 86 subjects … Take it and do it, create the conditions,” he said, calling Putin “Satan”, “dummy”, and “a midget with a complex”.

After the publication of the audio record on the Internet, Prigozhin had to make excuses and deny the authenticity of the conversation. “Now a fake audio recording is circulating on the Internet supposedly featuring my voice and a conversation with one influential person … This voice definitely has nothing to do with me. This is a fake,” Prigozhin said.


  1. Window leap, exploding elevators, exploding cars, backstabbing, shooting in the back, polonium pellets, other nasty poisons, sledgehammer treatment … anything goes in mafia land to get rid of anyone not in line with the Kremlin murder gang.

    “A man with the voice of Akhmedov predicted the establishment of fascism and a military dictatorship in Russia.”

    Even they, who are saying all of these truthful things about the evil little runt, fail to see that fascism is already well established in mafia land.

    • When he took power, the little turd masqueraded as a liberal for a while. He fooled amongst others Dubya and Tony Blair, who invited him to stay at Buckingham Palace with The Queen! Fucking unbelievable.
      Putler was always a Marxist-Leninist-fascist. He became a national socialist shortly after establishing his dictatorship.
      One of the few dissenters in those early days was conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who described him as a “demon.”
      But when Jones realised that putler was a nazi like himself, he became his biggest fan. Top nazi Alexandr Dugin is still a regular guest on Jones’s shows.

      • It’s sad and unacceptable that we had to suffer hugely and invest madly to get rid of the first fascist creature, just to have another one emerging with his own chamber of horrors, with the support of fascists in our own midst.

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