Detonations at Russian ammo depot near Mariupol


An ammunition depot blew up in the village of Novotroitske just outside Mariupol, the industrial city on the Sea of Azov captured by Russian invaders last year.

That’s according to Petro Andriushchenko, the advisor to the city mayor in exile, who posted on Telegram a video of black smoke rising from the site.

“Meanwhile, in the occupied Novotroitske of Donetsk region, an ammo depot is nicely detonating… This day is a blast. Mariupol. Melitopol. Tokmak Donetsk. Novotroitske – and this day’s not over yet. Nice,” Andriushchenko wrote in a caption.

As reported, the invaders are turning Mariupol and the surrounding villages into a military logistics hub for the Russian army.Read also: Russian commander’s car blown up in Mariupol

Since February 20, a series of explosions have rocked the city as local eyewitnesses confirm that the enemy ammunition depots and military equipment have been hit.

One of the latest explosions was reported at a Russian ammunition depot in the occupied village of Maloyanisol near Mariupol on March 16.


  1. Amazing how the Ukrainians keep finding more ammo dumps to destroy, and also getting images and videos out of the occupied zones.

    • Very much so Sir OFP. Impressive enough that AFU keeps tracking them down, but quite stunning we are getting video evidences out of temporally infested areas.

      AFU threw rashists a housewarming party.

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