Arahamia: Russia’s Transfer Of Nuclear Weapons To Belarus May Open Second Front

If this happens, Ukraine will step up mobilization.


Ukraine may intensify mobilization, if Russia does deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus, said the head of the Servant of the People faction in the Verkhovna Rada, Davit ArahamiaCurrent Time reports.

“It could mean bringing in more people into the army. We need at least eight more brigades to control this front line (the border with Belarus – ed.),” he said on Sky News.

Arahamia stressed that Ukraine is not yet taking Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s threats seriously, but “no one knows what can happen”.


“We don’t believe what could happen, but nobody knows. We have learned during this year that nobody knows what could happen. No one believed that Russia could invade on such a scale, but they did,” the MP said.

Arahamia also added that Ukraine should be prepared for the possibility that the Russian Federation might transfer nuclear weapons to Belarus. This might lead to the opening of a second front.

On March 25, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin said that he was planning to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus.


  1. “This might lead to the opening of a second front.”

    Invading Belarus would be the best move Ukraine could make. It would be better than going on the offensive in the Kherson and Donbass region, under the current situation. Taking the country would offer enormous advantages, the most important of which would be an easier going with fewer casualties and lost material. Getting rid of the big mustachioed potato dicktator will give the evil little Kremlin crapper a huge defeat, militarily and politically, and might even bring his downfall. There are a number of other gains to be had, but these would be the most important ones.

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