“So it is necessary”: the occupier told how they were taught to kill civilians in Donetsk

Marta Gichko05:00, 03/27/23

At the same time, he deliberately went for it in his native city.

A captive occupant from the so-called ” DPR ” Vashenko Kirill Vitalyevich admitted that the command forced him to scatter mines-petals in the residential areas of his native Donetsk.

According to the Telegram channel “Look for your own”, during the interrogation, the occupier said that the mines were scattered in order to fabricate fakes about shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“I received an order from my direct commander with the call sign “Kent” to scatter petal mines in Donetsk so that civilians would be blown up on them, in order to blame the Armed Forces of Ukraine for this later. They asked why this should be done, because civilians would die, they said: “So necessary. Mind your own business,” the occupier said.

https://www.unian.net/player/XRoFwOPuThe occupant confessed how he was treated to kill civilians in Donetsk

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