Now will Ukraine’s friends finally understand the gravity of the situation and the true depravity of the kremlin?

From the LinkedIn page of Olena Brodovska

Mar 26

About a year ago, I wrote about the 45,000 body bags which #russia bought before invading #ukraine

I am not the only one who wondered.

“… they were for Ukranian civilians. And yes, that means leaders, journalists, bloggers and just plain civilians… 45.000 body bags would have been just for bridging a time period until the infrastructure for a much larger scale of mass murder would have been ready.” (c) Rene Duba

“Putin wanted a “total cleansing” of Ukraine with “house-to-house terror” to subdue its people, leaked spy documents show.”

“So they were planning to execute, murder and dispose of very large numbers of Ukrainian civilians. That’s what the crematoria were for, that’s what the body bags were for.”

Max Kidruk on the same issue in the article below.

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Comment from Ivan Semciw:

The mind boggles with these disclosures. How does God allow such genocide?
There can no no closure and peace in Ukraine without decisive removal of putin, his Duma, and destruction of russia. The world will experience a huge calamatous war soon… almost guaranteed.



  1. We know that the article in New Eastern Europe is 100% true. You only have to read the words of RIA Novosti, Dugin, Solovyov, Skabaeva, Simonyan, Medvedev and putler himself.
    The intention is still there. If anything, the kremlin murder gang has increased their determination to take all of Ukraine and eventually murder millions, no matter how long it takes.
    That’s why the fiends must be stopped right now.

  2. I think the people who understood Ukraine’s history always knew the gravity. More people are beginning to understand but we have a long way to go to reorient the west’s understanding of our history. Until then, we need to fight the idiots like trump, Carlson, DeSantis. We just can’t let the group of idiots to grow.

  3. Olena Brodovska wrote back in April 2022:

    “It seems that russia did plan the genocide all long.”

    “In September 2021, russia has adopted a state technical standard for digging and maintaining mass graves amid wartime. It took effect on Feb 1st 2022. The standard foresaw digging of isolated mass graves for up to 1,000 dead bodies each grave within 3 days.”

    “They prepared 45K corpse bags and brought mobile incinerators. Everyone erroneously thought that those were designated for killed russian troops. But no, they wanted to take Kyiv in 3 days, quickly and without any losses change power to russian minions, they did not foresee or expect themselves to be packed in those corpse bags. And less they would expect to ship dead russian soldiers back to russia (it has never been done, has it?)”

    “Those bags and incinerators were for Ukrainians. And for those who should not be recognised/exhumated later (e.g., politicians, public personas) they had incinerators. Leaving no trace and no evidence. They would later say that politicians escaped and mass graves are those of heroic russian troops who had liberated Ukraine.”

    “Russia, machine for producing monsters.”

    Detailed analysis of that can be read here:

    #genocide #Bucha #Ukraine #saveukrainenow #stoprussianinvasion #helpukraine

  4. Mafia land is equally evil as Nazi Germany was and must be destroyed. The bad part is that we have no Churchill nor a Roosevelt.

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