“Many did not have time to say “Glory to Ukraine”: the mother of the executed Matsievsky terminated in her own words (video)

Artem Budrin09:04, 03/27/23

Praskovya Demchuk is worried about all the defenders who are fighting at the front.

Praskovya Demchuk, the mother of the Ukrainian military Oleksandr Matsiyevsky, who was shot in captivity , said that she considers all the military who work to protect Ukraine to be Heroes. In an interview with Anton Gerashchenko, she admitted that she sincerely worries about all the soldiers at the front.

“All the warriors who took up arms and defend Ukraine, they are all heroes of Ukraine! My son managed to say “Glory to Ukraine”, and many did not have time to say …”, Praskovya says in a video that was published on Telegram- Pravda Gerachchenko channel .

https://www.unian.net/player/hu78hkLCThe mother of the executed prisoner of war Oleksandr Matsiyevsky spoke about Ukrainian defenders

For this interview, the former Deputy Interior Ministry Gerashchenko went to Nizhyn to personally communicate with the mother of the executed Hero. In particular, he showed the grave of Alexander Matsievsky in Nizhyn.

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The sniper was buried on the Alley of Heroes, where, as of March 26, 75 Ukrainian servicemen were buried.

https://www.unian.net/player/TR9ZvXM2Grave of Alexander Matsievsky in Nizhyn

The execution of Alexander Matsievsky: what is known

On March 6, a video was made public on the Internet , in which Russian invaders shot an unarmed Ukrainian soldier. They did this after they heard the words “Glory to Ukraine” from the soldier.

After that, there were several versions of the Hero’s personality at once. However, on March 12 , the SBU finally confirmed that the Russians shot the sniper of the 163rd battalion of the 119th separate brigade of the Chernihiv Oblast TPO Alexander Igorevich Matsiyevsky.

On the same day, March 12, Vladimir Zelensky  awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine  to Alexander Matsievsky. Three days later, the head of state presented the mother of the warrior Praskovya Demchuk with the Order of the Golden Star.

The Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Matsievsky was a citizen of their country. Chisinau considers the actions of the Russians a gross violation of humanitarian laws.

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