Hungary approves Finland’s accession to NATO

Katerina Chernovol20:05, 03/27/23

Now the country is separated from NATO membership by the decision of the Turkish Parliament.

On Monday, March 27, 2023, the Hungarian parliament finally approved Finland’s entry into NATO . This was preceded by several months of delaying the decision.  

According to  European Pravda , 182 parliamentarians out of 199 deputies voted for the ratification of the Protocol on Finland’s membership in NATO. Six members of the Hungarian Parliament voted against.

Now only the decision of the Turkish Parliament separates Finland from full-fledged membership in the North Atlantic Alliance. It should be accepted soon.

Finland’s accession to NATO

In May 2022, Finland and Sweden announced their intention to join NATO. At that time, Turkey opposed the rapid ratification of the protocols , referring to the insufficient struggle of these countries against terrorism.

The countries planned to join the Alliance at the same time, but now another option is being considered. Finnish Defense Minister Mikko Savola said that if Turkey delays Sweden’s entry into NATO, then his country will join the bloc alone.

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