France wants to get 40 Mirage fighter jets for Ukraine – media

Evgenia Sokolenko23:01, 03/27/23

The first batch will be purchased in the UAE.

France wants to supply Ukraine with 40 fighters of its production – Mirage 2000-9.

“After a lengthy negotiation process that has weighed several weeks on arms brokers working for Kiev, Ukraine hopes to receive about forty Mirage aircraft,” reports the French portal Intelligence Online .

According to the publication, Paris plans to purchase aircraft primarily in the UAE. Greece and Indonesia are also listed as potential suppliers.,  citing sources, confirmed that Ukrainian pilots have been mastering French fighters for a month and a half. The decision to train them was made shortly before the official visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to France on February 8.

Training of Ukrainian pilots in France

Recently, the French newspaper  Le Figaro reported that 30 Ukrainian pilots have been training at the air bases of Mont-de-Marsan and Nancy for more than a month. 

However, then the speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yuri Ignat  , said that they were taking training courses there for aircraft controllers, and not fighter pilots.

At the same time, the French Ministry of Defense claims that Ukrainian aviators are being trained in air defense.

As you know, in early March, France announced that they were considering the transfer of Mirage 2000 fighters to Ukraine and could  begin training Ukrainian pilots  in Poland.

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  1. It’s really time for Europe to shoulder its share of the burden especially given the proximity of the issue.

  2. I’m very glad, not because those jets will make it to Ukraine, which they probably won’t, or not on time, but that France has gotten to the point of thinking this way. With the slow-as-a glacier help that Ukraine gets, you must be happy for every inch.

  3. the only issue i have
    look at this jet
    it is ugly
    basically a tube with wings mounted

    they must be replaced with something else after the war

    as we don’t want Ukraine to become ugly

  4. i honestly think this might be a move to get Ukraine to buy the Rafale in the future.

    They will have the infrastructure supporting French aircraft and have missiles that can only be launched using French aircraft.

    All it costs to France is basically some old retired aircraft and in some years they can sell Rafales.

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