18 German Leopard 2 tanks arrived in Ukraine – Der Spiegel

Marta Gichko17:15, 03/27/23

The tanks have already crossed the Ukrainian border and have been handed over to the military.

18 German Leopard 2 tanks arrived in Ukraine , promised by the federal government two months ago.

According to  Der Spiegel , the last tanks left Germany for Ukraine at the end of last week. Already now they have crossed the border and are on the territory of Ukraine.

Ukraine received the German heavy battle tanks about two months after the German government approved the deliveries

Battle tanks for Ukraine

For several weeks, the partners have been intensively discussing the possibility of supplying Ukraine with battle tanks. Germany resisted the most. However, almost two months ago, the partners created a “tank coalition” and approved the supply of tanks to Ukrainians.

On February 14, a new meeting was held in the Ramstein format on helping Ukraine in the confrontation with the Russian Federation. After the meeting, the head of the US Department of Defense  Lloyd Austin said that eight states are cooperating in the issue of providing Kiev with Leopard tanks : Germany, Poland, Portugal, Canada, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway.

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  1. Hopefully more to come. Time as many allies as possible order more tanks from Rheinmetall for Ukraine and pay for them. Rheinmetall said they can deliver huge amounts, but the governments refuse to order/pay the tanks.

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