Why Ukraine may not win this war



  1. A very good read. I think the West still has time to help turn things around, but that requires full-scale support. No more half-assed decisions. I’m rather pessimistic though. We will see.

    • Didn’t know that. Are you sure? There were dozens of similar articles, including by CNBC. But i thought this one was the best i could find. Not sure ruSSians can spell Kyiv correctly. Anyway, i leave you your opinion about this site.

  2. it didn’t seem to be overly pro-Russian but I think it was mostly based on assumptions, and omitting the current state of the Russian army.

    I am not impressed.
    Honestly I have no idea in what shape Ukraine currently is and how well prepared they are for a counteroffensive, but I do not have the feeling the author knows much more than we do.

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