What’s About To Happen Will Surprise Many “The Biggest Battle Of War Is Starting” Ben Hodges

Good video from Ben Hodges highlighting the dithering and spineless politicians in the West. Here he talks about Crimea, and why the West had no plan for Ukraine to liberate it.

As he suggests, liberate Crimea, the rest will collapse like a pack of cards. The solution, destroy that fucking bridge. The West know this will win the war for Ukraine, so do the scum.


  1. I’ve seen rabbits that have more courage than our purported “leaders” in the West. It’s no wonder that the likes of mafia land, North Korea, Iran, and China practically do what they want.

  2. If we lived in a fair world, last year Biden would have sacked the mediocrity that is Milley, hired Gen. Hodges and said : devise a plan for a joint operation using Budapest signatories air and sea power and Ukrainian ground forces to liberate Ukraine’s Black Sea region; including Krym and leave the Ukrainians to do the rest.

    • Or a president Bush stand up for American principles in 2008 against France and Germany and insist on NATO maps for Ukraine and Georgia. That more than anything could have changed Vladolf’s foreign policy calculus.

      • 2008, 2014, and 2022. Even after Ukraine showed that russia is a paper tiger, we still have too many jellyfish in the West.

      • yeah, but we can even go further to the Clinton time (to which I have no memories because I was a toddler) when the Budapest Memorandum was signed.

        but yeah, they are all if’s that we cannot change.

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