Ukraine Defense ministry calls for information blackout about upcoming offensives

Ukraine Defense ministry calls for information blackout about upcoming offensives

Hanna Maliar, Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine. Facebook profile photo. 

2023/03/25 – 19:45 • RUSSIAN AGGRESSION

Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Defense, Hanna Maliar, has urged Ukrainians not to discuss any upcoming Ukrainian offensive on TV, social media, or in public.

In her Facebook post, she emphasized that military plans and strategies should only be discussed by Ukraine’s top three officials: the Supreme Commander-in-Chief (President), the Minister of Defense, and the Chief Commander.

“On live broadcasts, don’t ask experts questions [in the vein of] ‘how is the counter-offensive going?’, don’t write blogs or posts on this topic, and don’t discuss military plans of our army publicly at all. We have one strategic plan – to liberate all our territories. And as for the details – that’s simply a military secret,” Maliar wrote, adding that the details “are disclosed by the three aforementioned officials only when there is a military task requiring it. Because information is also a weapon and we fight with it too.”

Hanna Maliar also highlighted the success of the Kharkiv Operation in September 2022, which ended in the liberation of almost all of Kharkiv oblast and parts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. She emphasized that the silence surrounding that operation allowed the military to work effectively:

“The silence allowed the military to buy time and do their job,” she wrote.

Throughout July 2022, many Ukrainian officials and experts publicly speculated about the upcoming Kherson counteroffensive, and then probe attacks really started in the area by early August. This prompted Russians to start redeploying elements of their forces from the Kharkiv direction to Kherson.

In late August, even President Zelenskyy joined the campaign in person and announced the beginning of a full-scale counteroffensive to liberate the Russian-occupied south, which contributed to the tactical surprise of the Kharkiv operation that started a week later.

The weakening of the Russian grouping of forces in the Kharkiv direction during August and early September enabled the Ukrainian surprise blitz-style counteroffensive in Kharkiv Oblast, which started on 6 September and lasted until October.

Calls for information blackout surrounded the entire Kharkiv blitz in September and the subsequent full-fledged Kherson offensive that started in early October and ended by mid-November.



  1. Everyone is completely in the dark about the upcoming offensive, especially the cockroaches. I hope it’ll stay this way. We will only publish what’s out there anyway. What info I have directly from Ukraine, I keep secret, at any rate.

    • We mostly have to worry about posting pictures and videos of the counter offensive. The Moscow nazis don’t need to know any locations just that their meat puppets are quickly becoming fertilizer.

  2. Videos I post are typically several days old if not months later unless it goes with a posted story.
    Some sources I tend to keep under wraps also. But I will do my best to keep from posting on counter offensive for awhile. May the orcs be blinded to what AFU is about to do. May wisdom and divine insight help the AFU to capitalize on gains and opportunities.

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