Trump vows to end war in Ukraine in 24 hours

Yuri Kobzar17:09, 03/26/23

Trump held his first campaign rally and spoke about his plans after returning to the White House.

Former US President Donald Trump has said he will end the war in Ukraine within 24 hours of returning to the White House.

This politician, who plans to take part in the new presidential race, said at his first campaign rally , held in Texas.

According to Trump, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin began amassing troops to the borders of Ukraine shortly after Joe Biden took over as president of the United States. Trump also accused the current White House administration of not even trying to negotiate with President Putin.

At the same time, Trump is sure that the current authorities began to actively persecute him precisely after he “promised to end the war in Ukraine.” The politician expressed confidence that he would be able to end the war as soon as he returned to the presidency.

“I’m going to reach a settlement very quickly … I will have a settlement within 24 hours. Standing before you today, I am the only candidate who can make such a promise. I will prevent World War III, which we are approaching,” Trump said. .

War in Ukraine and Trump’s position

Three days before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin announced the recognition of the “independence” of the “LDNR” groups. Trump described the decision as “brilliant” . In his opinion, this has become “the most powerful peacekeeping force” that he has seen. The next day, a full-scale invasion began.

In April, amid a flood of news about Russian atrocities in Bucha and other cities in Ukraine, Trump called the actions of the occupiers “genocide . ” However, later he returned to his usual pro-Moscow rhetoric.

In particular, in the summer , Trump said that the attack of the Russian Federation could have been prevented if Ukraine had abandoned its territories and aspirations for NATO. Trump also categorically opposes military assistance to Ukraine and against the removal of Putin from power.

In March 2023, Trump admitted that he was ready to “give” part of the Ukrainian territory to Putin in order to achieve peace.

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  1. I give all the occypied lands to Russia and there is a deal. Besides every Ukrainian speaks Russian, so no problem.

  2. He will end the war in a day
    How could you not vote for Him
    After the TREMENDOUS success of 2017-2021

    He will just fly to Russia with a whole lot of lube and everything will be fine

  3. Disastrously, Gospodin Trumpkov has already repeatedly stated his “peace plan”; which is to give puker pretty much everything he wants, since he believes that east Ukraine consists of “Russian” people. Despicably, Trump congratulated putler on the commencement of his Holocaust in Feb last year. His contemptible, grovelling words can easily be googled.
    No doubt the bastard has calculated that he can win next year with his unashamedly pro-putler standpoint. Hopefully his calculations will prove to be wrong. He seems to have decided that the electorate still have a simple choice : vote for the halfhearted but definitely pro-Ukrainian Biden, or vote for the fully pro-putler Trump. Thus turning the vote effectively into a choice of help prevent genocide or help enable it.
    Just a handful of Trumpoids are pro-Ukraine and half of them are commenters on his site.

  4. There’s only one way to end the war in 24 hours: End putin. Of course Trump is not going to say that, but I believe that’s what he will do if he returns to the white house & the war continues. This opinion is based on his past policy of assassination. In the meantime he’s going to slam the present administration for being frightened, weak, and not negotiating.

    • If you want to be a Trump-hater, ok. Let’s say Trump is akin to a Russian oligarch. It’s believed that Trump’s enterprise has made considerable amount of money in russia so this analogy is not a huge stretch. How many Russian oligarchs want Putin out of the picture? Most all of them I imagine, but they don’t have the means to do it. On the other hand the POTUS does have the means to erase bad guys and Trump has a history of doing exactly that.

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