“The jokes are over”: Simonyan and Solovyov came up with “buy Ukraine”, but without Lviv

Marta Gichko19:37, 03/26/23

The propagandists threw a tantrum with threats and strange “ideas”.

Top propagandists of the Russian Federation work out millions of fees with a portion of nonsense about humane Russia and strange dreams of producing thousands of tanks and millions of shells.

According to the NeShutki Telegram channel, the propagandist Solovyov quite seriously stated that Russia is the only country in which “human rights are strictly observed.”

“The only country where there is freedom, respect for man and his rights is Russia. The only country that has raised European values ​​high,” said the disgraced propagandist.

Another top propagandist, Margarita Simonyan, generally “marked” herself with an incredible statement that Russia could “buy Ukraine” for assets frozen in Europe.

“Here’s my idea: there are our 300 billion dollars arrested. They cannot give it to us. I propose a way out – they pay this money against our purchase of those lands that want to be with us. This is fundamental – we need those “Who wants to be with us. We don’t need Lviv. But people who want to be with us on their land will send this money to Ukraine supposedly for them. They will call it reparations, and we will call it purchases,” Simonyan said.

As always, it was not without threats that the Russian Federation “hadn’t started anything yet”, but now how it starts, how it will release thousands of tanks and millions of shells.

“The time for jokes is over. We must quietly and calmly pile on everyone … The jokes are over,” Solovyov added with a crazy expression on his face.

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  1. Whatever brain-eating disease the ruskies are suffering from, I hope it ain’t contagious, like covid from bat virus land.

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