“Revenge for Ilovaisk”: the organizer of the boiler for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was liquidated in Ukraine (photo)

Marta Gichko 18:21, 03/26/23

It was he who ordered the killing of Ukrainian defenders who broke through from the Ilovaisk encirclement.

Ukrainian soldiers liquidated the top officer of the army of invaders Dmitry Lissitzky, who arranged the Ilovaisk cauldron for Ukrainian defenders in 2014.

The liquidation of Lissitzky was reported by the Ukrainian military journalist Yuriy Butusov. According to him, it was another revenge for Ilovaisk.

“Today, Ukrainian soldiers again avenged Ilovaisk – they liquidated the commander of the 1st battalion of the 247th airborne assault regiment, Dmitry Lissitzky,” Butusov said.

Lissitzky commanded a battalion tactical group of the 247th regiment, which attacked Ukrainian units breaking through from the encirclement in Ilovaisk near the village of Gorbatenko. For the war in Ukraine in January 2015, Lissitzky was awarded the title Hero of Russia.

Butusov recalled that during the invasion of Ukraine, the 247th regiment suffered heavy losses. The liquidation of Lissitzky would seriously weaken the combat effectiveness of the regiment.

Ilovaisky cauldron: how it was

The Ilovaiskaya tragedy is one of the most terrible battles in Ukrainian history. At the end of August 2014, after fierce fighting, the soldiers of the ATO forces were surrounded near Ilovaisk, the Russian military fired on the corridor along which, according to the agreement, Ukrainian soldiers were supposed to leave.

Around Ilovaisk and in the city itself, 366 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, about 450 were injured, 300 were captured. The temporary investigative commission for the investigation of the Ilovaiskaya tragedy estimated the total losses of Ukrainian troops at a thousand people.

According to these results of the investigation by Ukrainian investigators, the main culprit of the Ilovaisk tragedy is the military command of the Russian Federation. On August 21, 2020, the office of the Prosecutor General stated that the only factor that led to the tragic events near Ilovaisk was the military aggression of the Russian Armed Forces.

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    • “For the war in Ukraine in January 2015, Lissitzky was awarded the title Hero of Russia.”

      At the time, the Moskali were telling everyone they weren’t in Ukraine and it was just a civil war. They were getting beat until this evil crime at Iloviask.

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