Putin: Russia will produce and modernize more than 1600 tanks

 Saturday, March 25, 2023 7:40:11 PM

Russia intends to produce and modernize a total of more than 1600 tanks in the next three years, said Russian president Vladimir Putin

“The arsonists [Ukraine’s western partners] plan to send 420 or 440 tanks to Ukraine. The same situation is with the ammunition. During this time, we will produce new and modernize over 1600 existing tanks. The total number of tanks in the Russian army will exceed three times the number of tanks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Even more than three times. I’m not even talking about aircraft. There is a difference of 10 orders of magnitude,” the Russian president said.

According to Putin, Ukrainian troops allegedly use about 5 thousand shells per day, and in the United States they produce about 14-15 thousand per month.

According to RIA Novosti, Putin also called the western military assistance to Ukraine  an attempt to prolong the conflict.

“In my opinion, it will only lead to a greater tragedy, nothing more,” Putin said

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  1. “In my opinion, it will only lead to a greater tragedy, nothing more,” Putin said

    The tragedy is for you, when your demoralised scum return to russia totally defeated.

  2. The war criminal has made a pep rally for a losing team. The goals set by mafia land will never be met. In an inefficiently led, badly administered and deeply corrupt shithole, such number are pure utopian. And, we’re not even talking about properly trained meat puppets that will be forced by just as inefficient and corrupt officers to use the junk. The AFU tankers with their Western tanks will have happy hunting.

  3. “We’re producing and modernizing more than 1,600 tanks.”

    How many of those are T-34s they’re pulling off of memorial sites? 🙂

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