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If some had doubts about Evil, its greed applied to destroying the living and to proving that innocence is an illusion, you discover today that the totalitarianisms of the 20th century, and in particular State Bolshevism transformed into a limitless Russian Leviathan, are the most successful expression of large-scale organized Evil.
Many of us believe that Ukraine is a unique place in time and in space where an essential eschatological battle is being played out in the history of the human species.
No expert either in the circles of the intelligentsia of our democracies, or in the most prepared military staffs, expected that the Ukrainian nation would resist in such a way, facing this onslaught of darkness which attempted to annihilate Ukraine .
No one in the West foresees that the Ukrainian victory, the liberation of its violated territories and of its abducted and martyred children, will mark the beginning of a new era and the end of the desperate race of the peoples and their organizations towards the death of the humanity and the living.
It is the strength of the fighters, nourished by the sacrifice of so many lives cut down by Evil, which will make any concession with the deadly ideologies and Economy henceforth impossible.

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