“He fucked us all”: Prigozhin clumsily justified himself because of a conversation with criticism of Putin leaked to the network


Another scandal erupted in Russia among the so-called “ruling elites.” Kremlin-connected music producer Josef Prigozhin and billionaire oligarch and former member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Farkhad Akhmedov discussed the failure of the war in Ukraine, as well as the failure of Russian President Vladimir Putin to lead the country, in a telephone conversation.

An audio recording of a telephone conversation intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence was leaked to the Internet. Akhmedov’s reaction is still unknown, and Prigozhin has already managed to record a video message with a ridiculous excuse.

In general, the content of the conversation boils down to assertions that Putin and his team have led Russia to disgrace and inevitable collapse. Among the details, the failed war in Ukraine is mentioned, which only led to the destruction of the Russian army, the strengthening of sanctions and the virtual isolation of Russia from the civilized world.

At the same time, the interlocutors with sadness in their voices agree that personnel changes, even if they occur, will not save the situation. Like, if Putin fires Shoigu, then Kadyrov and Prigozhin will come in his place, and it will be even worse. If they “devour” Putin himself, then the country will drown in further squabbling of clans for power. And if Putin defeats everyone by pressing the nuclear button, then neither Russia nor the Russians will have a normal future.

“We are fucked, damned. We have no options, damned. The whole nation has no future, damn it, for he fucked us all in the mouth, damn it,” summed up Joseph Prigozhin, meaning Putin.


True, after the audio recording of the conversation got on the Internet and quickly became viral, Josef Prigozhin recorded a video message in which he denied his involvement in this conversation. He called it fake and created with the help of neural networks and pranksters.

“My political position is known to everyone. Today’s technologies, neural networks, make it possible to fake not only a voice, but also a conversation. When I listened to the audio recording, I almost believed that it was me! Voices today also brilliantly know how to fake pranksters. This voice has nothing to do with me no relation, it’s fake,” Prigozhin said in an unconvincing voice.

Recall that earlier Josef Prigozhin laid the blame for the genocide of Ukrainians not on the Russians and their leaders who supported the war, but on the Latvian singer Laima Vaikule, who publicly unfurled the flag of Ukraine at a concert.

Also known for his public pro-Putin position, Prigozhin complained about the partial mobilization in Russia , which also affected his family – the husband of his daughter Yevgeny Tkachenko received a summons to the draft board.

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  1. “We are fucked, damned. We have no options, damned. The whole nation has no future, damn it, for he fucked us all in the mouth, damn it,”

    Vlad fucked a lot more than only his own people. Tucker Carlson can’t get enough, Steven Seagal, Tulsi Gabbard, Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, they all, and many more disgusting fascists, open their stinking oral cavities to let the war criminal fuck them in their mouths.

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