AFU Colonel: Russian Army Preparing To Flee From Another Front Line

March 25, 2023 – Translated via Google and OFP

It became known what plan of action the Russians have regarding the Kherson region 
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Russians need to pack their bags and leave the occupied Ukrainian territories. The rotation in Nova Kakhovka is one of the signals that the occupiers are starting to flee.

Roman Svitan, a reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a military expert and an instructor pilot, told Channel 24 about this. According to him, the Russian military already feels that the Armed Forces will drive them far from our territories.

Rotation of occupiers in the Kherson region

Roman Svitan is convinced that the rotation of Russians in Novaya Kakhovka is actually the departure of the occupiers, and with looted property from Ukraine.

“The unit that entered on rotation did not occupy the same precincts where its predecessors stood before. They dispersed a littleas they entered the city, and restored some roadblocks,” he explained.

In his opinion, the Russians have somewhat weakened their presence in the occupied Kherson Region.

Everything that has been going on in our country for the ninth year is called a war, not the exit or retreat of Russian units, he added.

According to a military expert, the occupiers are still in a panic.

Roman Svitan told what the enemy’s plans are for the Kherson region: watch the video

A new direction of movement of the Armed Forces

Roman Svitan focused attention on the fact that our troops raised artillery on the Right Bank.

“It is starting to fire along the Dnipro River for 25-30 kilometers, which, in principle, should have been done a long time ago, because the Russians brought some of their artillery to this region and were firing on peaceful cities,” he noted.

In his opinion, this is a bad signal for the occupiers.

They understand very well that this strip has been demilitarized by our artillery and can be used by our troops as a springboard to carry out offensive actions on Armyansk,
he said. [Armyansk, or Armiansk, sits right on the Crimean isthmus–OFP]

According to him, we are talking about forcing the Dnipro.

“Then the entire triangle Kinburnska Kosa-Armyansk-Nova Kakhovka will be in an operational environment,” – noted the military expert.

Svitan emphasized that it is precisely because of this that the Russians are starting to act, as they did on the Right Bank of the Kherson region.

The Russians lost the Kherson region

The military expert added that, of course, the occupiers will not retreat empty-handed, but with washing machines, which they are already trying to send to the Urals.

“These kinds of movements are exactly preparation for a ‘gesture of goodwill’. From a military point of view, it is impossible to hold this area,” he is convinced.

According to him, this triangle is actually pressed on one side by the Black Sea, and on the other side by the Dnipro.

By and large, we force the Dnipro, then several brigades take the direction of Armyansk, then this whole triangle is a cemetery of Russians. They understand this very well,
he said.

Therefore, the occupiers definitely do not plan to carry out offensive or defensive actions in the Kherson region.

News from the occupied Kherson region

  • Kherson activist Volodymyr Molchanov said that the Russians in the Kherson region do not stop looting and expelling Ukrainians from their own homes. Also, the occupiers carefully check the local population, because they are very afraid that their positions will be surrendered by the Armed Forces.
  • On March 24, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the occupiers had left Nova Kakhovka, in the Kherson region. The information was later denied. The Ukrainian authorities assured that the Left Bank of the Dnipro will certainly be cleared of the enemy.
  • Ukrainian heroes are trying to clear a strip of 20-30 kilometers on the Left Bank . Nataliya Gumenyuk, head of the joint press center of the “South” operational command, emphasized that this is a very difficult job. In addition, the process is complicated by the fact that the Russian invaders are hiding behind local residents.
  • On March 19, local residents of the temporarily occupied Novaya Kakhovka reported a fire in the city. According to preliminary information, the positions of the Russians were struck .


  1. In fact, we have now heard of everything possible, regarding the Ukrainian offensive; from it going to the Belgorod direction, to around Bakhmut, or Zaporizhia, to Vuhledar, and now Kherson region. Theoretically, the offensive could even be conducted into Belarus, or maybe Transnistria. We heard they have powerful forces ready, and we heard they don’t have enough weapons and ammo for a major offensive.
    In fact, the entire affair is completely nebulous. That that is good.

  2. UAF leadership being very smart as usual. If they have us on here, and so called experts guessing, that means the rashists are left guessing also.

    Total victory for ALL of Ukraine!!!🌟🇺🇦

    Death and destruction to all the genocidal, rashist hoard, temporary occupiers, and their leadership!!!👊🔥💥☠️

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