Abrams tanks will arrive in Ukraine at the height of the counter-offensive in Crimea – expert (video)

Veronika Prokhorenko14:35, 03/26/23

After receiving military assistance, the Ukrainian army will be able to reach the state border of Ukraine in one movement, says Roman Svitan.

Military expert Roman Svitan commented on the statement by the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, that the United States is ready to remove Abrams tanks from its arsenal and transfer them to Ukraine without waiting for new production. 

During the broadcast with TV presenter Alexei Likhman, he confirmed that Washington was indeed ready to transfer Abrams tanks to Kiev, but in an earlier modification, and not in the second one (they planned to transfer the latter to us as early as next year). 

Svitan noted that this is a more profitable option for Ukraine, because there are many tanks of the old Abrams modification in service with the United States, and in terms of their capabilities they do not globally differ from the modern version – they work approximately at the level of German Leopard 2 tanks, the expert says. 

“Since we need Abrams already “yesterday”, and they will only be given “tomorrow”, this is the best option,” he said. 

The military expert says that the Abrams tanks, most likely, will not have time to deliver in Ukraine before the start of the full-scale counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “They will come at the height of the offensive, when we will already enter the Crimea,” Svitan believes.

Further, after receiving military assistance, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to reach the state border of Ukraine through one movement.

“We are being given a sufficient amount of forces and means so that we can reach the state border of Ukraine with one blow, one offensive,” he said. 

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