A powerful explosion thundered in the Russian Federation: a drone fall (photo, video)

Marta Gichko16:34, 03/26/23

As a result of the explosion, houses and two people were injured.

A strong explosion thundered in the Tula region of the Russian Federation . Local residents posted a video with a deep funnel.

According to Russian telegram channels, the explosion occurred around 3:15 pm in Kirievsk, 35 km from Tula. According to locals, the explosion was heard throughout the town, as well as in neighboring settlements. Residents found a crater in the city near residential buildings, glass flew out in buildings nearby.

Funnel in the town / t.me/ostorozhno_novosti
Funnel in the town / t.me/ostorozhno_novosti

It is known about two victims: guys and a girl, they were cut by glass fragments. Local authorities have not yet commented on the situation. Residents speculate that a drone could have caused the explosion. Last week, the drone was already falling in the Tula region.

Footage from the scene shows damaged buildings and frightened Russians. A multi-meter funnel appeared in the middle of the residential sector.

https://www.unian.net/player/WtpBxHKRA powerful explosion rocked the Tula region

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