UK Intelligence: Russia returns to defensive plan after unconvincing offensive attempts

25 MARCH 2023

The desire of Russian troops to stabilise the front line indicates the return of the Russian Federation to a defensive operational plan after offensive attempts did not bring any convincing results.

Source: intelligence review report of UK Defence Ministry on 25 March, reports European Pravda

It is noted that the assault by Russian troops on the city of Bakhmut in Donbas has largely stopped. According to the intelligence data, this is probably primarily a consequence of the significant depletion of Russian forces.

However, according to the British Defence Ministry, Ukraine suffered significant losses during the city’s defence.

“The situation in Russia is also likely to worsen due to tensions between the Russian Defence Ministry and the Wagner Group, which provides troops in this sector,” the survey says.

The UK Intelligence indicates that Russia has probably shifted its operational focus to Avdiivka, south of Bakhmut, and to the Kreminna-Svatove sector in the north, the areas where Russia is likely only seeking to stabilise the front line.

“This indicates a general return to a more defensive operational plan after the inconclusive results of Russia’s attempts to conduct a general offensive from January 2023,” the review says.

The UK Intelligence previously reported that Russian forces have slightly improved their position near Kreminna but generally focused more on defence than offence.

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  1. So, the cockroaches are going from Blitzkrieg to Sitzkrieg. This was bound to happen. No one can sustain such massive losses over a substantial time period. I’m sure that the AFU general staff has a plan in case this scenario happens. We’ll see…

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