Putin confirmed the transfer of one “Iskander” to Lukashenka: he is preparing Belarus for nuclear weapons

Yana Stavskaya19:41, 03/25/23

On July 1, the construction of a storage facility for nuclear weapons in Belarus will be completed.

President of the aggressor state Vladimir Putin confirmed the transfer of one  Iskander OTRK to Lukashenko – potential carriers of nuclear weapons.

In an interview with the propaganda Rossiya 24, Putin argued that this is what the United States and its allies are doing.

“In principle, we are doing everything that they (the West) have been doing for decades. They have (carriers of nuclear weapons in certain countries, train crews for these carriers. This is what we are going to do, this is exactly what Alexander Grigorievich asked for,” Putin said.

He added that on July 1, the construction of a storage facility for nuclear weapons in Belarus will be completed. According to Putin, Russia has deployed 10 aircraft capable of carrying tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. 

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    • He couldn’t say very much, but simply accept the fact. Nato makes me sick, the fuckers are such losers. I hope the Pentagon will read and finally understand my statement. We have have Putin cornered, we just have to pull the trigger. Instread our corrupt leaders keep winding themselves beyond recognition. Instead of taking the chance to get Ukraine finally rescued they keep drowning in ruSSian money. The United States could wipe RuSSia, China, North Korea and Iran within 48 hours, yet all whining about WWIII continues. Time some Confederates like Nikki, Wicker and Ted Cruz show what a spine made of American steel looks like. Throw the suckers out of the house!

  1. If Ukraine were to invade Belarus, they could take those missiles, too, along with everything other weapon and ammo in the country.

  2. Qu’on ferment le couloir de Suwałki et interdire tout transfert ferroviaire de et vers Kaliningrad.

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