Georgia’s Risky Risky gamble on Russia backfires by Euromaidan Press

I found this article interesting as I wonder whether Russian emigration to other countries is having similar affects. Namely Russians who leave are not doing anything against the war effort but merely enjoying their lives in another country. Curious in the US I’m not seeing any Russian symbols whereas in Miami before the war it was lousy with Russian symbols. I think they’re just keeping a low profile bit IMO they’re cowards.


  1. Georgia is a a very difficult position. As the writer says, its population is overwhelmingly pro-Ukraine and anti-putler. Despite being a poor country, it has accepted Ukrainian refugees. They are given rent-free accommodation and access to employment. They pay no tax unless they are professionals.
    If Georgian Dream is overthrown and replaced by a democratic party there is a risk of putinazi invasion. If Georgian Dream manages to skank through another election, there may well be another revolution followed by an invasion.
    If Ukraine manages to kick the putinazis out this summer, the tiny poisoner might seek compensation: Georgia.
    Terrible to relate, but Georgia has no friends; at least no one who would step in and stop another putler genocide. Which in effect means no friends at all. Even if given modern weaponry, its armed forces would be swamped in days and the usual rape, torture, thieving and genocide would kick in.
    Georgia is a beautiful country that has survived invasion/occupation by the worst people imaginable: Persians, Ottoman Turks and RuSSians.
    Give them a lifeline : full Nato membership.

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  2. “Still, the Georgian government is failing to act against Russia as society demands because it placed its bets on Russia winning the war.”

    Anyone still betting on a mafia victory is a brainless moron.

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