A land of pirates: Russian President’s Press Secretary supports movie piracy

Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, has said he agrees with the views expressed by Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Secretary of Russia’s Security Council, regarding the distribution of pirated copies of Western intellectual property on the internet.

Source: TASS, citing Peskov’s statement

Quote from Peskov: “I agree with Dmitry [Medvedev]. We are talking about pirates, people who have robbed us, seized our assets – stolen our assets… The phrase ‘pirated content’ acquires a new flavour in these circumstances.”

Details: When asked whether he himself ever illegally streams or downloads content from the internet, Peskov said he did not know how to, and that others download films for him.

Previously: Earlier on Saturday 25 March, Dmitry Medvedev said he believes Russian citizens have the right to download and distribute pirated copies of works on the internet that are not available to them due to the sanctions imposed on Russia following its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.



  1. Understandable. But why would ruSSians want to watch western movies? We are the enemy. Why not watch ruSSian movies, use ruSSian phones, drive ruSSian cars (Putin loves japanese cars)? Yeah…

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