WAR UPDATE 3/23/23

From the FB page; The Heartbeat of Ukraine

Day 393 – of a three-day war. Kyiv still stands and Russia is still a terrorist state.

Darth Putin marked this day as follows: “Day 393 of my 3-day war. Yesterday I killed a bunch of children while they slept but “the West is so aggressive”. I remain a master strategist.” This parody account is not wrong.

168,150 (+650) enemy soldiers have been eliminated. They are losing, but Putler didn’t get the memo.

🛑War by the numbers: As of February 2023, the total amount of damage caused by Russia to Ukraine’s infrastructure during the full-scale war has increased by another $6 billion and is now estimated at $143.8 billion. The largest amount of damage is from the destruction of housing stock, at about $53.6 billion. In total, over 150,000 residential buildings have been damaged or destroyed. #WarCrimes Source: Annual report published by KSE Institute [Kyiv School of Economics] as part of the “Russia will pay” project

✅The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that “The town of Nova Kakhovka in Kherson Oblast is liberated from the Russian occupiers.” 💪💪💪💪💪

–As of 22 March, “all units of the occupying army deployed in the settlement of Nova Kakhovka in Kherson Oblast have left the town”.
As the General Staff states, this was preceded by searches in the houses of the local population with the aim of looting. The occupiers “confiscated” a large quantity of household appliances and electronic devices, jewelry, clothes and mobile phones. #thieves #WarCriminals

What’s going on in Bakhmut?

✅Street fights continue in the city of Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast; border guards report on another repulsed assault launched by the enemy.

✅ Per the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Ukrainian defenders have been repelling numerous invaders’ attacks around the clock in the areas of Bakhmut, Bohdanivka and Predtechyne. More than 15 settlements located along the zone of contact came under Russian fire, including Vasiukivka, Mynkivka, Orikhovo-Vasylivka, Hryhorivka, Bakhmut, Chasiv Yar, Oleksandro-Shultyne, Pivnichne and Pivdenne in Donetsk Oblast.

✅The Russian occupiers are losing significant forces in the city of Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, the invaders are running out of steam and the Ukrainian Armed Forces will soon take advantage of this, said Oleksandr Syrskyi, Commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces. “The aggressor is not giving up hope of taking Bakhmut at any cost, despite losses in manpower and equipment.

–The main forces of the Russian Federation in this area are representatives of the Wagner PMC. Sparing no expense, they are taking considerable losses and running out of breath. Very soon, we will take advantage of this opportunity, as we did in the past near Kyiv, Kharkiv, Balakliia and Kupiansk.”

–Syrskyi noted that Ukrainian soldiers are under continuous fire from Russian artillery and aircraft, but at the same time, demonstrate “superhuman resilience, courage and bravery.” (The 93rd, 10th, 57th and 5th Brigades, which are currently fighting in the country’s east.)_

🛑Ukraine’s National Resistance Center reported that
The Russian invaders began forcibly removing residents from the outskirts of Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, and deporting them to remote regions of the Russian Federation. It is reported that the occupiers first take people to the occupied regions of Luhansk Oblast. There, residents go through filtration and then are deported to Perm and other remote regions of Russia. #WarCrimes

The Operational Report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

👉On 22 March, the Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled 83 Russian attacks on 5 fronts.

👉Over the course of the day, Ukrainian Air Force struck a Russian anti-aircraft missile system and conducted 12 attacks on clusters of Russian personnel and military equipment.

👉In addition, the Rocket forces and Artillery hit a command post, 3 clusters of personnel, an ammunition storage point and a Russian electronic warfare station.

👉Over the past day, the enemy launched a missile attack on Zaporizhzhia. Russian missiles hit a residential multi-storey building. There were killed and wounded civilians reported.

👉The enemy also delivered 48 air strikes, in particular, on civilian critical infrastructure in Zhytomyr and Kyiv Oblasts. The occupiers launched 21 Shahed-136 UAVs from the Bryansk Oblast of the Russian Federation, 16 of which were shot down. As a result of enemy UAV strikes, there are killed and wounded civilians. In addition, the invaders carried out 75 attacks, using multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS).”

👉On the Volyn, Polissia, Sivershchyna and Slobozhanshchyna fronts, the operational situation has not changed significantly, and no Russian offensive groups have been detected. The Russian leadership continues to use the infrastructure of the Republic of Belarus to train its troops. The invaders maintain a military presence in the border areas. During the day, the Russians fired on the settlements of Khrinivka, Arkhypivka and Mykhalchyna Sloboda in Chernihiv Oblast; Demianivka, Esman, Atynske, Iskryskivshchyna, Bilopillia, Volfyne, Pavlivka, Basivka, Yunakivka and Krasnopillia in Sumy Oblast; Basove, Hoptivka, Strilecha, Vesele, Vovchansk, Okhrimivka, Krasne Pershe and Kindrashivka in Kharkiv Oblast.

👉On the Kupiansk and Lyman fronts, the Russians continue to try to break Ukrainian defence. The invaders conducted unsuccessful offensive actions near the settlements of Makiivka, Bilohorivka and Verkhnokamianske, and deployed artillery to fire in and around of Krokhmalne in Kharkiv Oblast; Novoselivske, Nevske, Bilohorivka in Luhansk Oblast; Terny, Kolodiazi, Siversk, Verkhnokamianske and Spirne in Donetsk Oblast.

👉On the Bakhmut front, the Russians continue to conduct offensive operations, losing a significant amount of manpower, weapons and military equipment.

👉On the Avdiivka, Marinka and Shakhtarsk fronts, the Russians conducted unsuccessful offensive actions in the areas of Novokalynove, Stepove, Berdychi, Avdiivka, Lastochkyne, Sievierne, Vodiane, Pervomaiske, Marinka and Pobieda. More than 20 settlements came under Russian fire, including Avdiivka, Tonenke, Sieverne, Vodiane, Pervomaiske, Nevelske, Netailove, Marinka, Novomykhailivka and Vuhledar in Donetsk Oblast.

👉The invaders are on the defensive on the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson fronts. More than 45 settlements located near the contact line came under fire, including Malynivka, Novodanylivka, Novoandriivka, Mali Shcherbaky in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, as well as Havrylivka, Ivanivka, Zelenivka, Dniprovske and the city of Kherson.

👉The General Staff reported that in the settlements of Reshetylivske, Chumatske and Kostiantynivka in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Russian occupiers visited the homes of local residents and warned them to stay in safe places, forbidding them to leave their homes. This may indirectly indicate the Russian occupiers’ attempts to prevent the local population from observing the Russians’ planned transfer of manpower and military equipment to the front line, the General Staff believes.

✅OSINT Defender reported on Twitter that “the U.S. Air Force alongside the Finnish Military announced that beginning today they will be conducting Surveillance Flights along the Russian Border inside Finnish Airspace; these Flights began today with RC-135V Rivet Joint “JAKE11” which is a Signal-Intelligence Platform.”

✅European Pravda reported that “the Swedish Riksdag (parliament) approved on Thursday the government’s proposal to send Ukraine a new military aid package that includes Archer self-propelled gun systems and Leopard 2 tanks. According to the decision adopted by the parliament, the Swedish government may transfer military equipment and ammunition to Ukraine for a total of SEK 6.2 billion (EUR 554 million). Specifically, these are Leopard 2 tanks, Archer self-propelled artillery systems, and Robot 57 light anti-tank weapons.

✅Spain will send its first batch of Leopard 2A4 battle tanks to Ukraine by the end of next week.

⚖️The Press Service of the Prosecutor General’s Office reported that: Andrii Kostin, Prosecutor General of Ukraine, and Peter Lewis, Secretary of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, signed a treaty about opening a representative office of ICC in Ukraine. “This is only the beginning, but this beginning has weight to it. I am convinced we will not stop until all those guilty of international crimes committed against Ukraine are prosecuted.”

🛑The Medvedev problem and what to do about it. – Tonight Medvedev gets his own little section

— Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, has lied in an interview with Russian propagandists that Ukraine is part of Russia and that the West has underestimated the Kremlin’s determination to start a war.

–Medvedev stated that the competence of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for Russia is worthless, adding that a situation involving the arrest of the Russian president by the decision of the ICC would mean a declaration of war against Russia (Blah, Blah, Blah)

–The International Criminal Court has called the threats coming from Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian President, an attempt to hinder efforts to prosecute for actions prohibited by international law. They aren’t wrong.

🍿 Tonight’s episode of “The Russians are batshit crazy and morally bankrupt.” Tonight’s theme: ☢️📢Woop! Woop! Woop! Urainium Alert. Again. ! & Almost everyone wants to be our friends….in our dreams.

🔘The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zakharova: “Continued pumping of 🇺🇦 with heavy weapons, incl #UK plans to supply depleted uranium shells, is evidence of West’s aggressive intentions. Obsessed with maniacal idea of Russia’s “strategic defeat”, they do not need peace in #Ukraine, the region or the world.” Smells like fear to me.

🔘Putler: “Russia and China are bound by truly robust ties of neighborliness, cooperation and friendship between our peoples, and are striving for comprehensive development of bilateral relations.” Putler comes off looking like a desperate loser. I think he will find that Xi isn’t really interested in being best buddies with a loser. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

🔘Kremlin Talking Point” “We are working with partners in the CIS, Asia, Middle East, Africa & Latin America to create a stable infrastructure of international relations that will not be controlled by the West. We will stand together to counter sanctions & other neocolonial practices.” The more they lose, the more they lie. 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

That’s it for tonight folks. Keep those prayers and words of support coming for our Ukrainian friends. Find ways to help. There’s so many people doing good things. Remember, never give money to anyone who asks for it in a private chat. #SlavaUkraini #StandWithUkraine #braveukraine #UkraineWillWin #russiaisaterroriststate #RussiaIsCollapsing #PutinIsaWarCriminal #FuckPutin #fucklukashenko #fuckIran #chinastatushighlysuspicious

Reported by Christine Stuermer

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