The Kremlin has abandoned plans for an offensive in Ukraine and will focus on recruiting contract soldiers for a long war – Bloomberg


The authorities of the aggressor country Russia decided to abandon their plans for an offensive in Ukraine this spring. This decision in the Kremlin was made after the Russian troops failed to achieve significant success on the battlefield.

Bloomberg writes about it. Instead, the Russian Federation decided to focus on the expected offensive of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, which the enemy seeks to stop.

To do this, the Kremlin intends to recruit another 400,000 contract soldiers into the ranks of the “second army of the world”, thus preparing for a long war.

An ambitious conscription campaign will allow the Kremlin to avoid another forced mobilization of reservists as it ramps up its campaign to re-elect President Vladimir Putin later this year, the sources said.

It is noted that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is betting that Western support for Ukraine will begin to wane if the Russians manage to contain the new offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At a time when elites and many in the Russian government doubt the victory of their terrorist state, Russian intelligence officials, the sources say, are committed to continuing this struggle, which they see as existential.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

  • The White House did not rule out that the Russian military-political leadership would decide to attempt another offensive against Ukraine and, possibly, “in many other directions.” They believe that the coming weeks will be “critical” in the Russian-Ukrainian war.
  • At the same time, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense stated that the so-called big offensive of Russia, which had been announced since December, turned out to be more Kremlin propaganda and an overestimation of its capabilities by the “second army of the world”. They also estimated how much longer the Kremlin is capable of waging war.

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  1. “…the so-called big offensive of Russia, which had been announced since December, turned out to be more Kremlin propaganda and an overestimation of its capabilities by the “second army of the world”.

    Anything the mafiosi plan to do is an overestimation of their capabilities. The only things that are not overestimated is their ability to get masses of their meat puppets slaughtered.

    • Not sure they abandoned any plans for an offensive. When Ukraine devastated the scum in Vulhedar, that was the offensive stopped in it’s tracks.

      • I doubt it, too. As long as they have enough morons stupid enough to attack somewhere, they will attack.

  2. It’s time the West removed their collective thumbs from their arseholes and supplied Ukraine with what they need, before Putler has a chance to find another 400k meat puppets.

    • After over a year of full-scale war, I gave up on the collective West to see clearly. Zombies have better mental capacities.

  3. Well, that’s interesting! This sounds even more like their invasion is turning into a long, drawn-out drain for russia, just like Afghanistan was for them back in the 80’s. I know the hostilities won’t be over anytime soon, but this looks like Ukraine’s military will be able to keep up their defensive if the United States, Britain, and the other allies can continue their material support. This means that Ukraine will need to strengthen and increase their own weapons production, but I’m sure they can do it!

    Glory for Ukraine is glory for God’s protection! Biden needs to step up his game for the strength of an ally who really CAN hold their own! Ukraine can do it far better than biden ever would for an invasion on American soil, I’m sure!

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