Mansions and luxury apartments: Peskov found property worth $ 22 million

Marta Gichko19:15, 03/24/23

Some real estate from lit up in the declaration.

Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov found a 113-meter apartment not far from the government building. In general, he and his wife use property worth more than 1.7 billion rubles (more than $20 million).

According to the project “We Can Explain “, the state real estate registry stopped showing the data of apartment owners, but the channel managed to get extracts from major officials thanks to database leaks. Documents indicate that Putin’s press secretary settled near the Arbat.

Peskov owns a 113-meter apartment in Novovagankovsky Lane, 22. For many years he has indicated it in the declaration, but the address of the housing was hidden. Peskov’s address was found in one of the capital’s real estate databases. The building is located near the government house, where Peskov worked in 2008-2012. Housing of a similar area is sold in this house for 68 million rubles. The official also owns an apartment of 112 square meters, her address is unknown.

Peskov's address / "We can explain"
Peskov’s address / “We can explain”

“Only these objects are officially owned by Peskov. But he has much more houses. Peskov lives mainly in a mansion on Novorizhskoye Highway – where his wife Tatyana Navka bought two land plots and two mansions. Peskov notes in his declaration that he uses this property FBK estimated housing in Novaya Riga at $20 million – that is, 1.2 billion rubles at the then exchange rate, “the channel writes.

In addition, Peskov’s wife owns a five-room apartment in the Copernicus residential complex on Bolshaya Yakimanka. Housing of a slightly smaller area is sold there for 285 million rubles. The skater also has a 108-meter apartment in the luxury residential complex Polyanka Plaza (cost about 100 million rubles).

“The total cost of several apartments and two mansions with land is more than 1.7 billion. But the owners of this property are now hidden in Rosreestr – Putin’s speaker decided to hide the housing from prying eyes, like many other officials,” the journalists say.

Scandals with the Peskov family

Unlike the president of the aggressor country, the personal life of his press secretary Dmitry Peskov often becomes the subject of discussion in the media. No wonder, because he is married to a media person – figure skater Tatyana Navka. 

However, recently, it is not Navka that appears in the media, but Peskov’s daughter Lisa. The full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation has made its own adjustments to the elite life of Peskova. Sanctions were imposed against her, so she had to say goodbye to European life in France. Peskova returned to the Russian Federation  and decided to work on the modernization of shipyards.

Recently, the daughter of a Putin spokesman took a vacation in Dubai while her father talks about patriotism and campaigns to die for Russia in the war against Ukraine.

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