China’s largest logistics company halted shipments to Russia after Xi Jinping’s visit

March 24, 2023

As soon as Chinese President Xi Jinping left Moscow, China’s largest logistics company refused to ship goods to Russia.

OOCL Logistics, which operates a fleet of 70 container ships, including two icebreakers, has stopped shipping already paid dresses, skirts, trousers, shoes and other clothes to Vladivostok from its warehouses in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Sanctions are cited as the reason for the refusal, Baza reports , citing a source working with procurement in one of the Russian importers. 

OOCL representatives explained that they would not accept goods from the suppliers of the Russian company, nor were they going to load them into containers and transfer them to a third-party carrier. 

OOCL Logistics is owned by Orient Overseas, one of the world’s largest container logistics companies headquartered in Hong Kong.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Western countries have stepped up pressure on states that have not joined the sanctions against Russia.

“It is not news that the countries of the collective West, led by the United States, are exerting open, brutal pressure on a number of states that do not join the illegal restrictions that have been imposed on our country. These states themselves tell us about it. Unfortunately, they have to face such an onslaught,” Peskov told reporters (quote from Interfax).

Prior to that, two countries immediately limited supplies to Russia. First, Turkey, which increased exports to Russia by 1.6 times over the past year, refused to ship sanctioned goods. The government handed over to local companies a list of products that were banned from being delivered to Russia. 

Russian business decided to urgently redirect the flow of parallel imports to Kazakhstan. Companies from the Russian Federation literally “filled up” Kazakh counterparties with proposals for joint work, Reuters wrote. 

However, the day before, the Kazakh authorities decided to significantly limit the possibility for Russian companies to circumvent sanctions. From April 1, the government is launching an online system for tracking goods that are brought into the country for subsequent re-export, the Financial Times reported.


  1. “It is not news that the countries of the collective West, led by the United States, are exerting open, brutal pressure on a number of states that do not join the illegal restrictions that have been imposed on our country.”

    Pest-cough, this stinking little shit nugget, dares to take the word “brutal” into his smelly trap, after what mafia land has been doing to and in Ukraine! This asshole is lucky that the POTUS is not me. He wouldn’t be talking at all anymore.

    At any rate, I rather think that mafia land has no funds to pay for the goods. And, bat virus land is already completely saturated with cheap mafia oil and ores. There is nothing else of value in the shithole.

  2. If china REALLY cared about sanctions against russia, then they’d have stopped shipping products to them as soon as it was obvious that most other countries were halting trade with orc-land. If china stopped shipping now, then it’s only to show the russians how they can hold moscow hostage.

    Not that I’m complaining, if putin’s stepping into the dragon’s mouth all on his own. If china eats russia, then moscow is severely weakened in the short-term. But I find this suspicious as they’re pursuing closer ties of “friendship” between their countries. In the long-term, if china does absorb russia as a vassal state then Eastern Europe will face the same tyrannical regime, but it would be much more stronger.

    Or maybe, in a more optimistic sense, this will be china overreaching itself, and severely weaken their bureaucracy? That’s basically how the Roman Empire fell, because Rome’s enemies took back their territories. Maybe a slow, leeching drain on both russia AND china?

  3. It’s anyone’s guess where this ride is going to. Taking over parts of mafia land in itself won’t necessarily make bat virus land all that much stronger, IMHO, if … IF … we and the rest of the West would finally disconnect ourselves from the economic umbilical cord from China. Business with us is the basis of its power.

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