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From the LinkedIn page of Dan Rice

Mar 21

The TOW missile continues to perform after five decades. Made by Raytheon, it is an excellent anti-tank, anti-bunker missile with a 4,500 meter range. It has been upgraded significantly over the years and is finally achieving its original mission of destroying a Russian invading army as it was designed to do in the 1970s. The Javelin is our modern anti-tank missile (also made by Raytheon). Javelin wins the headlines—but the TOW can win the war. This is because so many TOWs have been produced over the years. Hundreds of thousands. Javelins are amazing. But limited in quantity. We have enough old TOWs to destroy every Russian vehicle in Ukraine. This was one of my first recommendations in May to the Ukraine armed forces. They were not familiar with ToWs at the time. But we as young officers grew up in the 80s with TOW being a major component of the defense of Western Europe- so I was familiar with its capabilities.
I knew the US could only afford to deplete our inventory of Javelins so much. But we could send tens of thousands of ToWs. And they are proving incredibly effective. Send more TOWs.

Reply from Tim De Zitter:

Photos of a Ukrainian soldier firing from a M41A7 TOW HMMWV-mounted ITAS- which allow us to confirm one of the TOW types supplied by the US to Ukraine.

We see a TOW-2B-series missile- a very capable top-attack variant, able to destroy almost any Russian vehicle.

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  1. We once had another article about TOWs here. It’s true, we have masses of them and they, in combination with Ukrainian skills, can wreak havoc on the cockroach army …. more so than they are now doing.

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