Putin “eats” his army: Zaluzhnyi was told how many soldiers the Russian Federation loses every month

Yana Stavska16:42, 23.03.23

Zaluzhnyi’s adviser emphasized that Putin is now destroying all the best units of his army.

Every month, Ukrainian defenders kill up to 25,000 Russian occupiers , American officer Dan Rice, advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, told NV in an interview .

“I believe that Bakhmut is a place where the Russian army went to die,” Rice said. He also believes that Putin continues to make mistakes.

“A year ago, he attacked Ukraine in the wrong month. You don’t attack in February under these conditions. But he still continued to attack this year in February and March. And all he did was “eat” his army. Attacking in open ground, infantry against artillery, they lost so many Russians,” Rice explained.

According to his calculations, the Russian Federation loses about 25,000 soldiers every month. “The figures for March will be somewhere like this, and about 75,000 losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine for March are wounded,” Zaluzhnyi’s adviser clarified.

Rice emphasized that Putin is now destroying all the best units of his army.

“It’s a terrible time to attack. So when the time is right to attack, in the spring, Ukraine will have a much stronger army, much better security than it was a year ago. And you have to go on the offensive to win back positions. And I believe that this In the spring, Ukraine will launch a very powerful counteroffensive that will shock the world,” Rice said.

The offensive of the Russian Federation and the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces – what is known

In February, the Russian occupiers launched their announced “big” offensive, intensifying the fighting in five directions in Donbas at once. However, in the first weeks they were defeated near Vugledar .

Currently, the entire enemy group is chained in the east, Bakhmut, despite numerous enemy attacks, is holding on. Pressure also increased on Avdiivka , the capture of which would allow the Russian Federation to resume operations in the Ugledarsk direction.  

Intelligence stated that the offensive of the Russian invaders probably failed .

Kremlin propagandists worry that due to heavy losses in the Donbas, Russia will not be able to repel the attacks of the Armed Forces when Ukraine goes on the counteroffensive.

At the same time, the West is intensively equipping the Ukrainian army with all the necessary weapons and ammunition , the US expects a counteroffensive already in May.

NATO admits that the Armed Forces of Ukraine can begin the deoccupation of Crimea , which was hinted at by Natalya Humenyuk, the speaker of OK “South” , on May 23, while commenting on the explosions on the peninsula.

The President of the Czech Republic Peter Pavel, in his turn, noted that Ukraine will have only one attempt of such a counteroffensive this year , as Europe simply will not have enough resources for other attempts.  

Ukrainian intelligence believes that Russia’s resources will be enough for two years of full-scale war .

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  1. “Ukrainian intelligence believes that Russia’s resources will be enough for two years of full-scale war.”

    If this carries on into next year, russia will be fighting with slingshots and spears.

    • As I understand it they will always have dumb shells and dumb soldiers but that should be manageable once we get the filth out of Ukraine. I think it is safe to say putin’s pinnacle of power has passed and now he’s stuck with mediocrity at best.

  2. Twenty-five thousand killed cockroaches is a good amount. We’ll see if we can’t up that significantly.

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