Kremlin Using Kolobok Protocol

China is licking Russia, thinking of the best way to take a bite.


Russian political analyst Vladimir Pastukhov summed up the results of the meeting between Putin and Xi Jinping in Moscow.

– In the Kremlin they talked about this and that but on the whole about nothing.

The much-publicised meeting between Putin and Xi ended without any sensations. Xi hyped himself with help of Putin in front of his domestic audience (Russia is done…) and Putin hyped himself with help of Xi in front of his own audience (together with Xi we are a force).

The peace plan was not even mentioned. The exchange of subsoil for beads was expanded and deepened until 2030.

On this occasion, Xi even confirmed China’s willingness to give Putin a yoke to the Grand Duchy, out of the blue, offering Putin another term before it became mainstream within Russia itself.

Of course, there is a closed part many times bigger than the open one, but one should not think that there is anything supernatural hidden in this closed part of the meeting. You can’t hide a black cat in a dark room if you don’t have one.

Nothing this visit added to what was already clear without it. China is licking Russia, thinking how best to bite it without choking on it, while Russia, as it should, is using the Kolobok protocol: it is sitting cozily on China’s lip…


  1. That’s exactly what I’m thinking. China is bidding its time. It’s playing ping pong with Putler and mafia land … back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Mafia land never knows for sure what their “best friend” really wants. It wants a big piece of it. And, sooner or later, it will get it.

    • In the art of Kung Fu you blend your movements together in a deceptive way so that your opponent can’t tell which direction you are going. People in China will tell you Kung Fu is a way of life.

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