“I will start beating you like criminals”: Medvedev read Stalin’s obituary telegram to officials

Marta Hychko19:01, 23.03.23

He allegedly wanted to convey to them an assessment of the work of defense plants in “a similar situation during the Great Patriotic War.”

Dmytro Medvedye, the disgraced deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation , read a telegram from the dictator Joseph Stalin to the directors of defense enterprises.

Medvedev himself published a fragment of the scandalous speech on the Telegram channel, noting that he voiced this letter at a meeting of the working group of the Military-Industrial Commission.

“I ask you to honestly and timely fulfill the order for the supply of hulls for tanks… If you find yourself in violation of your duty to the Motherland, I will begin to punish you as criminals who neglect the honor and interests of their Motherland. We cannot tolerate that our troops suffer at the front from lack of tanks, and you in the far rear were chilling and lazing around,” – Medvedev quoted Stalin.

According to Medvedev, he wanted to convey to the participants of the meeting how the work of factories was evaluated in “a similar situation during the Great Patriotic War.”

https://www.unian.ua/player/KaYfHs1RMedvedev read Stalin’s telegram at the meeting

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