The strike on civilians in Zaporizhzhia could have been intentional – the White House

Yury Kobzar19:37, 22.03.23

It is typical for the Russian army to ignore the danger to civilians during strikes.

The Russian strike on residential high-rise buildings in Zaporizhzhia may have initially targeted civilians and is generally consistent with Russian shelling tactics. This was stated by the coordinator of the National Security Council for strategic communications of the White House, John Kirby, in a comment on CNN . 

“It (the shelling – ed.) certainly could have been aimed at civilians. It’s clearly straight out of the Russian playbook to target civilian infrastructure and not worry about avoiding civilian targets,” Kirby said.

At the same time, the representative of the White House noted that the US does not yet have detailed information about this shelling and does not know what motivated it.

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  1. How observant of the WH. Maybe someone in there thinks this was an accident! My guess is, that the Chinks refused to send weapons to the vermin, so Putler does what he’s good at, targets innocent civilians out of spite and frustration.

  2. 🙄 seriously, we just NOW catching on that genocidal rashists intentionally target civilians. Can we send every weapon AFU wants and needs already?

    • If i had the power i would give nukes to Ukraine. But gangsters like myself don’t rule the West, ‘tolerant'(please don’t hurt me) suckers are in charge, Billy.

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