Some Occupiers are Being Killed in Russia


An epidemic of strange deaths of invaders who returned from the war in Ukraine began in Russia. Nobody canceled the law of karma – and there are more and more such cases. More and more often, mobilized Russians are killing each other – even before they are sent to the war zone.

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The fate of the occupier: beaten by guards, police added

One of the most resonant cases, which made a lot of noise in Russia, occurred with an occupier who had recently returned from Ukraine.

An entrepreneur from Gatchina (Leningrad region of the Russian Federation) Aleksey Lymar was engaged in transportation, and in September 2022 he left the business and went to the “LPR” to fight the “Nazis”. However, the walk was not easy. Having seen enough of all the horrors of the war, he began to look for a way to return home faster. He succeeded in January 2023 under the pretext of illness.

And on February 22, the invader, together with the whole family, celebrated his mother’s birthday, but he really wanted to “continue the banquet”, and in the evening Lymar and his wife decided to visit friends. On the way, they came across the “Story” club, but the bouncers did not let the couple inside – a scandal broke out. Eyewitnesses said that Lymar beat his chest and shouted, “I fought!”, And then began to rush at the bouncers.

As a result, five employees of the club kicked the invader, who was thirsty for a rest, and a stool was also used. The employees of the National Guard and the police who arrived at the scene seemed to have made an attempt to figure it out, but rather to get rid of it. They said that they did not see any video surveillance cameras in the institution, therefore it is not known who is right and who is wrong. This infuriated Lymar, and so he attacked the police. They, in turn, used an electric shocker.

Alexey Lymar died

The violent ex-occupier was detained, taken to the police station, where they issued a protocol for hooliganism, and then released him. Aleksey Lymar went to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with numerous fractures, retrograde amnesia and a rupture of the esophagus. Within two weeks in the hospital, his condition deteriorated sharply – Lymar was transferred to intensive care twice, after which he fell into a coma and died.

Otherwise, it cannot be called a boomerang effect. If I had not killed Ukrainians, I would not have had to return with a broken psyche, and my two little sons would not have remained orphans.

Dying before being sent to war

The Grenada children’s camp, located near Berdsk (Novosibirsk region of the Russian Federation), at the beginning of October 2022 became one of the training centers for those mobilized from Tuva before being sent to Ukraine, and at the end of the month an emergency occurred there.

Corporal Genghis Davaalai, during a drunken quarrel, stabbed a fellow countryman to death because of a “personal conflict.” He stabbed the “offender” four times, which turned out to be fatal.

mobilized training russia

The Novosibirsk garrison military court has announced a guilty verdict: the violent corporal will spend the next seven years in a strict regime colony. How can you not remember that in Russia, for a comment on social networks against the war, you can go to jail for all 15 years.

In the Sudzhansky district of the Kursk region, a mobilized man shot dead a colleague, 47-year-old Nikolai Savin. According to investigators, 32-year-old Artem Proshenkov accidentally fired a shot from a machine gun. When changing the guard, he allegedly shot through negligence and hit Savin in the head. He died on the spot. True, the relatives of the deceased claim that this is a real murder, but “the command does not want problems.”

In the same area, another “mob” was recently killed, Ivan Abramov, who was eager to “punish the $!%§?.” His body was found at a bus stop in one of the villages in the Rylsky district, practically on the border with Ukraine.

mobilization in Russia murder

The killer turned out to be a 36-year-old colleague who shot from a machine gun in the head. Evil tongues say that Abramov’s sexual orientation and the “right” views of the second “mobile” are to blame.

Ivan Abramov killed

As they say, why war – they themselves will kill each other.

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