Priest of the Russian Orthodox Church advises the occupiers not to charge “Grad” without prayer (video)

Violetta Orlova17:39, 22.03.23

In the murder, the priest sees nothing sinful and that which may contradict his church.

The bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church Andriy Tkachev advised the Russian invaders not to charge the “Hail” without prayer, actually blessing them to kill Ukrainians.

In his speech before the icons, Tkachev quoted the Russian general Suvorov, who said that all Russian battles should begin with prayer.

In the murder, the priest does not see anything sinful and that could contradict his church.

“There is such a word – repentance, the prayer should be to God. As Suvorov wrote: without prayer, do not draw a sword, do not load a gun. Do not load “Hail” without a prayer, that is, you tuck in each cigar: Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy. And then … (gestures the flight of the rocket and the funnel – UNIAN), not because you want to, but because you have to,” said the Russian pop star. of the Russian Orthodox Church calls to kill Ukrainians “with a prayer”

The Russian Orthodox Church supports the war in Ukraine – what is known

From the first days of the full-scale invasion, the Russian Orthodox Church clearly took a pro-Putin position and blessed the Russian military to kill Ukrainians.

Moreover, the ROC engages in recruitment among its flock , and in their sermons, Moscow priests try to justify the fact of aggression, using Putin’s arguments.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew noted that the Russian Orthodox Church “shares responsibility with the Russian authorities  for the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. After the war, a spiritual revival of the Russian Federation will be needed.”

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  1. To paraphrase from the end of Mel Gibson’s prayer in the church from “We were soldiers”:
    One more thing dear LORD, about our enemies, ignore their heathen prayers and help us to blow those little rashists straight to hell. Amen!

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