NATO believes main goal of Ukrainian counteroffensive will be to breach a land corridor to Crimea

The NATO leadership believes that the main goal of the anticipated offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be to establish a corridor to the Crimean peninsula, reports Bild, citing one of NATO’s top officials.

According to the official, leading NATO analysts suggest that a critical six-month in the war is approaching, and in May Western weapons will be used to drive the Russians out from the south and east of Ukraine. Ukrainian counteroffensive may begin in the spring or summer.

At the same time, the official added that the Russians rightly believe that the attacks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will take place in the Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia regions. The goal of the offensive in the south-east will be to establish a land corridor to Crimea. One of the NATO leaders stressed that he would not comment on the details of the upcoming operations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, stressing that Ukraine has the right to regain control of all its territories, including Crimea.

“Moscow at the moment is not ready to increase the number of its crews or combat aircraft stationed in Ukraine. Ukrainian air defenses today are much stronger than they were at the beginning of the war,” the official added.

The media reported that the United States is rapidly preparing Ukraine for the spring counteroffensive.


  1. Everyone is guessing where the offensive will take place. Ukraine are good at keeping secrets, so it will be one hell of a surprise to the orcs. Logic says it will be an attack to reach Crimea, but Ukraine have surprised everyone before, so I suggest wait and see.

  2. Why doesn’t NATO just shut up and concentrate on sending weapons and ammo? If this is too boring, then they could take measures to kick Hungary out of the club. Better yet, join the fight.

  3. I have zero doubts that while they plan strategically like this wedge, the Ukraine will remain to look for weakness and attack opportunistically.

    The Ukraine is simply far too large for the Russians to be in sufficient strength everywhere.

    Ukrainians have been clever so far and that is sure to continue.

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